Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović


  • Vesna Nikolić Ristanović

  • University of Belgrade

Course Coordinator

Vesna Nikolic-Ristanovic is a full professor at Belgrade University (Serbia), working in the field of criminology, juvenile delinquency, victimology and child abuse. She graduated from the School of Law in Belgrade in 1978 and obtained her Master degree at the same university in 1982 (with master’s thesis "The Impact of Victim to the Phenomenon of Crime" (published in 1984)). In 1987 she earned her doctorate at the School of Law in Belgrade with doctoral thesis "Women as Victims of Crimes”. Since 2006 she has been Director of the Victimology Society of Serbia. She is a founder and the editor in chief of Temida, the journal on victimization, human rights and gender. In 2012-2013 she served as a President of the European Society of Criminology and presently, she is a member of its executive board. As initiator and coordinator of the working group of Victimology Society of Serbia, she successfully made legislative proposals regarding domestic violence, trafficking in women, sexual crime and the position of crime victim within criminal procedure. She is a member of several professional associations, National Coordinator for the European Sourcebook of Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics (5th Edition – 2013) and author of many articles, books and other publications.